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Hot Sexy Intrasquad Game Lineups

The Mariners are set to play themselves in just a little while (reminder: no broadcast, but all over Twitter), and courtesy of @TheRealMariners, we've got lineups. No Guti? No problem!

Ichiro, RF Ja Wilson, SS
Figgins, 3B Ackley, 2B
Bradley, DH Smoak, 1B
Kennedy, 1B Cust, DH
Olivo, C Saunders, LF
Gerut, CF Gross, CF
Langerhans, LF Halman, RF
Ryan, SS Bard, C
Rodriguez, 2B Jo Wilson, 3B
Pineda, SP Beavan, SP

Team 1 has the top of the Mariner lineup, but Team 2 has the core. However, Team 2 also has the risky lefty/lefty/lefty Cust/Saunders/Gross situation going on that leaves it vulnerable to a late-inning specialist. It's a good thing they'll have the right-handed and dangerous Steve Baron available off the bench.

Jack Wilson, if you're curious, has actually batted leadoff in the Majors before, in 20 separate games, including six as recently as 2008. He's also spent 628 games batting second, because of course he has, because he's spent his career as a bad hitter who makes contact. If there's one thing managers universally seem to love, it's having a bad hitter who makes contact batting #2.

Adam Kennedy has nine career plate appearances as a cleanup hitter. He's only ever started one game in that position, though, back in 2006, in the last game of the season. The cleanup hitter the day before was Chone Figgins.

Remember that all the pitchers are set to throw one inning, and only (I imagine) one inning. Something tells me that Michael Pineda's inning might be a little faster than Blake Beavan's.