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Community Feedback on Our Rules and Policies

What a slow day. Back from the long weekend, with winterful weather abound and little to no news substance to digest, today is dragging along. So it seems a perfect time to get some community feedback and not in the way of my usual poll form.

For the past two months or so, Jeff and I have drafted and redrafted a post to streamline the rules here at Lookout Landing. Essentially, we'd prefer there to be fewer rules and for them to be easier to find and digest. Right now it is a bit spread out over too many different posts and some of the problems at the time of those posts have disappeared while others have surfaced.

This has been an ongoing process and the general aim is to encourage more of a process to posting (i.e. related to height limits on images see: this and this) than a checklist of rules to abide or specific mistake to avoid. Before we finalize anything however, we would like feedback from the community. For reference, the general list of rules is housed in the "Membership Agreement" widget on the left sidebar of the main page below the AL West Standings widget.

Please note that this is not the third annual LL QC thread, that's coming later. Those threads are aimed specifically around the community experience and while the rules and standards of Lookout Landing play a big part in that, we're trying to separate the feedback here. CougCenter has a recent spate of posts relating to site policies and how they are enforced and I think they do well to encapsulate the scope of discussion that I'd like in this thread. See their threads here, here and here if you are interested.

Examples of what is relevant here would be discussion of the current set of rules; which can go, which need to be reworked, if any new ones need to be adopted, etc. Also, enforcement of said rules and anything related to that. If you have specific examples, links are always helpful. If you feel uncomfortable discussing any of this in public, we encourage you again to e-mail both of us (both is better than just one) privately using the links at the bottom of the site.

I cannot emphasize that last point enough. I respond to each and every LL-related e-mail I receive to the best of my ability. It's a method of contact open and available to anyone.