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Where Do You Wish The Mariners Held Spring Training?

wrote up the topic for FanGraphs, but I was curious about the thoughts and opinions of LL'ers as well. 

I am not a fan of the city of Phoenix. I don't like the traffic, the layout, the sprawl and so many other things. But I like having a weekend away at Spring Training to see a baseball facsimile and remember what it's like to be able to wear only t-shirts outside. 

What I am curious about then is, quoting myself:

Aside from the games and the media, Spring Training is also a venue. I wonder though, since Arizona and Florida have teams all season long, have they lost any appeal as Spring Training destinations? Would it be more intriguing to travel to New Mexico perhaps, or maybe Las Vegas instead of the Phoenix area? Or Alabama instead of Florida? Places that do not see baseball in the regular season for example.

Obviously not all alternatives are as suitable as the current settings. Climate, infrastructure, tradition and a host of other factors give credence to keeping things in place, but there are other options both realistic and fanciful. If you had a choice, where would you like Spring Training to be held?

I will calmly ask people to keep politics out of the discussion. If you insist, I will ask in a less calm manner. If you persist, I will put you in the box. You will probably not like the box. Do not persist.

That warning aside, go wild. Spring Training in Bora Bora? Hell yeah!