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Russell Branyan Signs With Arizona

In the only news of the day so far, Russell Branyan inked a minor league contract with Arizona. It's a great move for Arizona because until now Juan Miranda was tops on their first base depth chart and it's a minor league deal with Branyan so where's the risk?

It's a bad deal for Arizona because wow are they still ever so bad of a team. But they probably want to try and keep people at least marginally interested and Branyan, if healthy, will be able to hit a lot of home runs over the walls at Chase Field. Safeco has a 91 home run rating for lefties, Chase Field is at 114.

As high as a 114 rating seems, it's only the 12th highest lefty home run park factor active in the Majors. New York (A), both Chicagos, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Texas, Milwaukee, Colorado, Los Angeles (the real one), Philadelphia and Toronto all have higher park factors. So there you go, knowledge.