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Tuesday Spring Training Wrap-Up

Oh, oh wow. There's really not much. I guess the downside of posting on bigger stories - like Griffey's return - as they happen is that it doesn't leave a lot for the end-of-day wrap-up. Well, let's see where this takes us anyway.

Oh, and by the way, I'll be away most of tomorrow for a travel day.

  • Griffey was the big story, and there are a lot of quotes floating around out there from Chuck Armstrong. It appears that he's going to serve in a number of roles, but none of them all that regularly, and it has yet to be decided whether he'll make an appearance at the home opener. For what it's worth, the players were pretty excited by the news, which doesn't come as a surprise. And Eric Wedge is supportive, too. Griffey may have taken down Don Wakamatsu, but none of those problems should come up in 2011 as this time Griffey's allowed to fall asleep whenever he wants.

  • Felix threw a bullpen, and it was normal. Lots of pitchers threw bullpens, actually, but Felix is the pitcher we care about the most, so Felix is the pitcher whose routine bullpen counts as news. I can't give you any information on velocity, pace, or pitch mix, but anyone who's wondering about that kind of stuff on the second day of Spring Training has bigger problems than could be dealt with in a blog post.

  • There were a couple quick things written today about non-roster invitee Royce Ring's mechanics, and specifically the way the lefty specialist hides the ball in his delivery. They'll be able to talk about that all season long in Tacoma.

  • It's February 15th, and Erik Bedard is healthy. Or, at least, there are no reports that he's in any way hurt. 

  • Yusmeiro Petit's visa issue has been worked out and he's expected to report to camp on Wednesday. In anticipation of his arrival, the Mariners are holding a lottery in which 500 lucky fans will receive a voucher to approach him for an autograph, but I dunno, this is Yusmeiro Petit, the odds are pretty long.