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Eric Wedge Might Have His Own Belief System

From Greg Johns, yesterday:

"I saw [Bedard] as good as anybody when he was back in Baltimore," Wedge said. "He's just had a lot of trouble with injuries. But I look into his eyes and see good eyes."

From Shannon, today:

"Good eyes. I am a big believer in that, good eyes in the room. They were all locked in. They were paying attention, the room felt good. I felt like they were hearing Carl, hearing me. It felt good."

Interestingly, I can't find any history of his leaning on this expression back in Cleveland, but time has passed, and people change. Wedge had more than a full calendar year in between managerial stints. That left him with plenty of time to consider what he could do better as a coach. It seems he decided what he could do better is stare at people's eyes and then remark on them.

At least it's different.