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Ian Snell Has The Worst Excuse Ever

I have nothing personal against Ian Snell, and I wish him future success with some team that I never have to watch on TV, but dating back to his days with the Pirates he's developed a reputation for never taking responsibility for his own struggles, and this certainly isn't going to help:

"When I was in the National League, I was aggressive with my fastball and I'd thrown my slider in there," Snell said. "(Coaches had me) change something in my mindset. ... You can't do that to a pitcher. What's his strong point and let me do it. I've been searching for four years."

Not only is Snell blaming other people for his own ineffectiveness, here; he's blaming them for changing something he doesn't think should have been changed, and he's saying that he's been left searching for answers when he apparently has the answer. If Snell's known all along that the secret to his success was being aggressive with his fastball and throwing his slider in there, he wouldn't have gone away from that. Something doesn't add up, and it just sounds really stupid and pathetic.

On a completely unrelated note, it seems someone managed to do to Snell what we all wanted to do for a good calendar year:

Snell had oral surgery a month ago to repair busted teeth and remove his wisdom teeth. He got hit in the jaw during a workout in the gym and had to have titanium placed into the left side of his mouth.

Shouldn't have worked out with one of your old pitching coaches, Ian.