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I Don't Know What's Going On With Prince Fielder, And Here's More

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Let's face it: as much as there's a lot going on, and as much as the Mariners need more help than any one player can provide, all anybody really wants to talk about or read about is Prince Fielder. Jeff Francis? Whatever. Seth Smith? Whatever. Jamie Moyer? Whatever. These are neat players, potentially useful players, but Fielder is too big a star to not dominate the conversation. This is not a fat joke, and if you interpreted it as a fat joke, you probably make a lot of fat jokes, so you're horrible.

As such, I'm here to give the people (you) what they (you) want. This has been an interesting day in the Prince Fielder sweepstakes, as the Albert Pujols sweepstakes have approached their conclusion. The Pujols sweepstakes aren't settled yet, but the Marlins are out, a day after making a hell of a charge. They've reportedly withdrawn their offer and everything.

Once word emerged that the Marlins weren't getting Pujols, it was only natural to wonder whether they might turn their attention to Fielder. You know, the other awesome free agent first baseman, who's much worse but much younger. Per usual, there were conflicting reports. Some people said that the Marlins weren't interested. Some people said that the Marlins were interested. Some people said that the Marlins were very interested, even after signing Mark Buehrle for the price of two 2007 Florida Marlins opening day rosters.

I don't know where the truth is, or was. But here's Clark Spencer. Clark Spencer is a Marlins beat writer for the Miami Herald. He sounds very certain.

#marlins are definitely NOT in on prince fielder.

Looks like gaby safe. #marlins withdraw pujols offer and were NEVER in on fielder.

Believe that as much as you want to believe that. I'm not going to tell you how much you should believe that, because I don't know the answer. For whatever it's worth I don't think this looks like the kind of guy who stands for a lot of bullshit:


He has glasses and everything. Now, Prince Fielder is represented by Scott Boras. It's really easy to imagine a scenario in which Boras uses the Marlins' name to boost his client's market. The Marlins, right now, are a player agent's fantasy - you can leak that they're interested in your client, and who's not going to believe it? Of course the Marlins are interested, because the Marlins are interested in everybody!

I'm not saying that's what's going on. I'm saying that could be what's going on. Something else entirely could be going on. The Marlins might even have genuine interest in Fielder after all. The Marlins seem to want to spend a lot of money on good players, and Prince Fielder is a good player who will cost a lot of money.

Onward we go, still in the early stages. I don't know who's currently in pursuit of Fielder. I don't know who might change their mind later on. I do know that it would be super annoying to clear payroll space for Fielder and then not end up with Fielder, and it would be super annoying to end up with Fielder in several weeks and then have to clear payroll space in a more limited market. But I don't think Scott Boras has ever worried too much about being super annoying.