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Yes, again, I remember, it should be "quotation", not "quote". I don't care. Just today, earlier this afternoon, I learned a new rule about when to use a hyphen. There are rules I don't follow because I'm unfamiliar with them. I don't follow this rule because I don't want to. Hey rule, you're stupid.

From a translated Ichiro interview with Nikkan Sports:

There are some that think age may have played a part [in your rough season].

I admit that lately I find myself enjoying Enka music during Kohaku Uta Gassen. I am also more concerned about how young people are speaking and find that my skin is drier. So there are times where I feel like I am getting older.

I know I said the interview was translated but I have absolutely no idea what that first sentence is saying. As for the rest, here's what's funny: that would sound kind of annoying coming from your mom or your grandfather. Coming from Ichiro, it's adorable. Does this mean that you love Ichiro more than you love your own family? It doesn't not mean that.