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The Seattle Mariners Will Let You Plug In Your Car


This is one of those news releases where I saw it and thought "I bet there are people who will care about this!" From the desk of I have no idea, and made available on

The Seattle Mariners today announced the installation of four electric vehicle charging stations that will be available for public use at Safeco Field.

It's important to understand that the release says "at Safeco Field", rather than "in Safeco Field". The Mariners will not allow people to charge their electric cars in Safeco Field, which is too bad, since that would have fit nicely with an earlier photo caption. It is also not too bad, because then there would be electric cars in Safeco Field. The ground rules would have to be re-worked and everything. Obnoxious.

The charging stations are located on some plaza next to the Safeco Field parking garage, which - I have to be honest, here, I didn't know there was a Safeco Field parking garage. I know there's a garage between Safeco and the football stadium. Is that the Safeco Field parking garage? Is there another Safeco Field parking garage? The charging stations are close to wherever the Safeco Field parking garage is. So that could be a fun mystery.

My favorite line from the news release, which is like identifying my favorite leaf from the pile of dead fallen leaves:

Anyone can plug into the charging stations 24 hours a day, even on days when the Mariners are not playing.

It's good that it's this way, and it ought to be this way, but it would have been funnier the other way, where the charging stations only function as long as the Mariners are playing across the street. Drivers with uncharged vehicles would end up praying for more foul balls and pitching changes. Outs would be met with exasperation, while hits and long at bats would be received with delight. There would be a whole new segment of the Seattle population hoping for a big bat instead of a continued commitment to pitching and defense, which come to think of it, no, that would suck and be stupid.

If you've been reading this post and waiting for actual insight, then I've got bad news, because it turns out I am woefully underinformed when it comes to the field of automobiles. It took me twelve minutes to Google yesterday's Koenigsegg reference. My first thought was that it sounds really weenieish to have to plug in your car, but then I realized that we all have to plug in all of our cars, and also I am a weenie. So basically, here is what you need to know:

  • The Seattle Mariners have installed electric car charging stations
  • That is good
  • I think?

I cannot believe I am considered an authority on things. Any things.