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Seth Smith On The Radar, Maybe

There was a time long ago, and not so long ago, that I wouldn't have turned this into a post. But now I'm turning this into a post, because I was just looking for something to post about, and presto, there it was on Twitter, just like I wanted! I want so many things that Twitter cannot provide, but this thing, Twitter can provide, and did provide.

Jon Morosi:

Mariners interested in Rockies outfielder Seth Smith, but not clear if there are any talks ongoing.

There is so little meat to this that it's barely worth discussing, but whatever, here I am, about to discuss it.

Why trading for Seth Smith would make sense

I don't know if you've looked at the Mariners' roster lately, but this team could really use another outfielder. There's Ichiro, Franklin Gutierrez, and Casper Wells, obviously. Behind them, there's...oh man...Trayvon Robinson, Michael Saunders, Carlos Peguero...basically a handful of guys you wouldn't expect to contribute in 2012. The Mariners need a fourth outfielder, but they could use a fourth outfielder who could cut it as a second or third outfielder since none of the current starters are guarantees.

Enter Smith, who's lately been the subject of some trade rumors. He's 29, so he's not old. He's three years away from free agency, so he's not expensive. He's left-handed, so he fits the ballpark. And he's all right. He's been an above-average hitter for his career, and he's strong enough to do this:

He's not an outstanding defender, but he's also not a liability, and the left-handedness means he could share time with Wells if the other guys get going. Concerns that he can't hit lefties are legitimate but overblown, and concerns that he's been worse away from Coors overlook the fact that (A) duh and (B) he's still been fine away from Coors. And he wouldn't really block anybody, since Smith could be traded if he's productive, and non-tendered after the year if he's not.

Why trading for Seth Smith would not make sense

It would make sense. I guess the Rockies could theoretically want way too much for him. But the idea would still be sound.

Chances of the Mariners trading for Seth Smith

Low. They have to be low, right? Right now he's just a name in a rumor light enough to float away in the wind. But they're certainly not non-existent or anything close, because Smith does seem like a fit, and the Rockies are looking for pitching. They're not only looking for pitching, but they are looking for pitching, and watch what happens when I say the name "Jason Vargas". Just like that, you've connected Smith and Vargas in your head. You might not think so now, but it's totally true. You'll see.