Catricala, Walker Named Minor League Players of the Year


Here are some other names: PLAYER DEVELOPMENT STAFF OF THE YEAR: Randy Roetter (AZL Mariners Athletic Trainer) Level Team Player Pitcher AAA Tacoma Alex Liddi (3B) Blake Beavan (RHP) AA Jackson Vinnie Catricala (3B) Andrew Carraway (RHP) A High Desert Danny Carroll (OF) Chris Sorce (RHP) A Clinton Stefen Romero (INF/OF) Taijuan Walker (RHP) Short-A Everett Jabari Blash (OF) Jose Campos (RHP) Rookie Pulaski Jamal Austin (OF) Angel Raga (RHP) Rookie AZL Mariners Phillips Castillo (OF) Yunior DeJesus (RHP) Dominican DSL Mariners Janelfry Zorrilla (OF) Domingo Brazoban (RHP) Venezuelan VSL Mariners Felipe Burin (3B) Isliexel Gonzalez (RHP) I thought about feigning outrage, but these all seem defensible. Weird.