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Texas Rangers Sign Joe Nathan

I'm not a person that believes in observing a set period of mourning. Such matters are personal to each individual. I don't write this as an indication of moving on from the terrible news about Greg Halman's death. There will be more about it. Or maybe there won't be. I only want to write if I feel I can do justice to the matter and right now, I can't say anything better than Jeff and many others have already done. I welcome any and all to join in the already present threads or to create their own to share their feelings.

I wanted a momentary distraction though and the Rangers just filled it by inking former Twins closer Joe Nathan to a two-year contract with a third-year option on what looks like a deal worth $7M per year and another $500K guaranteed on the option. Coming off an injury and poor season totals and entering his age-37 season, that's more years than I thought he would get, but if Nathan rebounds to close to his pre-2011 self, the Rangers have themselves a fair deal.

Word also comes that Neftali Feliz is unofficially officially heading to the Rangers rotation. That move might in turn be done to fill the spot currently vacated by C.J. Wilson. How Nathan's contract is judged is probably going to rely initially on how much money Nathan is paid and then retroactively by how well Feliz does in the rotation. The second part should really have no bearing on the former, but my guess is that people will link the two regardless.