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Major League Baseball Strike/Lock Out Ends After -24 Days

Thanks to Ken Rosenthal comes the unsurprising news that baseball owners and players have reached an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The CBA in place would have ended on 11 December of this year. We know that because, contrary to what the activities of the MLS, NFL and NBA leagues might have led you to believe, these expiration dates are known well in advance. They're actually printed right on the contract itself! Crazy.

Details are expected to be announced on Monday, but I imagine we will begin getting some leaks of the juicier and naughtier bits. The biggest changes that we're concerned about are expected to revolve around the draft with some kind of flexible slotting system and a revamp of free agent compensation. I'm not sure if any changes will impact this winter's free agents for the 2012 draft compensation but if so I am sure 85 people will write about its impact.

The important thing is no work stoppage for baseball. Nobody was seriously expecting one, but crazier things have happened. Anthony Vasquez struck out a Major League hitter swinging. Really!