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Blake Beavan, Steve Baron Invited To Major League Spring Training

That's the latest bit of news from the reliably sunny Mariners Twitter account. Neither Beavan nor Baron is currently on the 40-man roster, but they'll join the other 15 non-roster invitees in making the Mariners camp look all busy-like.

Inviting a minor leaguer to big league Spring Training isn't a huge deal, and shouldn't be interpreted as such. These guys aren't going to fly in out of nowhere to break camp with the team. This is more of an opportunity to get them working with Major League coaches and Major League players before minor league camp opens for the betterment of their careers down the road. For Beavan, he might get some clues as to how to start striking people out. And for Baron - who has a .560 minor league OPS over 128 games - he might just get some clues.

Wedge: Baron
Baron: Coach
Wedge: I wanted to show you something.
Baron: What is it, coach?
Wedge: See that? Over in the cage?
Baron: The guy hitting?
Wedge: Yeah. Watch that.
Baron: You got it, coach.
Olivo: [in the cage]
Olivo: :whiff:
Olivo: :whiff:
Olivo: :whiff:
Olivo: :whiff:
Olivo: :crack:
Olivo: :whiff:
Olivo: :whiff:
Wedge: You see that?
Olivo: :whiff:
Baron: Yeah.
Wedge: That's all you need to be able to do.
Wedge: To get here, just do that.
Baron: Okay, coach.
Wedge: You're a catcher. We don't expect much. It's really not that hard.
Baron: All right
Wedge: Just do that
Wedge: Instead of what you do.