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Milton Bradley Arrested For Something

Right now, courtesy of KING 5 Sports, this is all we have to go on:

KING5Seattle has learned #Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley has been arrested on a felony in Los Angeles County.

We have no idea what Bradley has been accused of, nor do we have any idea whether he's innocent or guilty. What we do know is that people don't get arrested for staying home and ordering a delicious stuffed crust pizza, so we can say with a high degree of certainty that Milton Bradley has not been arrested for staying home and ordering a delicious stuffed crust pizza.

Since the offseason started taking shape, we've figured that Bradley was probably out of a job, and no matter what's going on, this isn't going to help him stick around. In other words, welcome back, Ryan Langerhans.


Update, via Geoff Baker:

LAPD confirms Milton Bradley arrested for violating California penal code section 422. Involves making "criminal threat". No other details.

Here's some information on California penal code section 422. Hopefully the M's just cut Bradley tomorrow so I don't have to bother following this story.


Update #2: I have no idea if the M's will be able to void the rest of Bradley's contract because of this. Keep in mind, though, that the Mets were not able to void Francisco Rodriguez's contract after he beat the crap out of his girlfriend's dad. So I'd say we're probably stuck.


Update #3: again from Baker, we learn that Bradley was arrested at 10:40am for making a threat to an unidentified woman, and was later released on bail. Sports!