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Thoughts On A Picture

Getty Images
  • As Josh Wilson flags down a pop fly, Michael Saunders has a chilling flashback to a tragic accident below a burning high-rise.

  • Saunders: You were just in front of me
    Wilson: Now I'm over here!
    Saunders: But how?
    Wilson: Magic!
    Bullpen: :applause:

  • With Sean White on the mound, Michael Saunders attempts to catch a beach ball hit into play, prompting Daren Brown to prepare a lesson on understanding hyperbolic metaphors.

  • Saunders: It clearly says "for dinger hitters only" like right there
    Wilson: gotta go

  • The Mariner bullpen applauds a running catch by Josh Wilson while Garrett Olson rides an imaginary rollercoaster.

  • In a showdown of spectator chicken, the Mariner bullpen cheers the fans as the fans cheer the game.

  • Given how little visible reason there is to believe he's a professional athlete, behind his back might be the worst possible place for Josh Wilson to keep his baseball glove.

  • Saunders: Kentucky bluegrass? This is like 90% red fescue. What are we playing on, the prairie?
    Wilson: Play the game and quit being a lil bitch