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A Moment of Pause for Felix Hernandez

By all accounts, Felix Hernandez is on his way to finish at least third in the Cy Young race and might be the favorite to take home the bacon and the actual non-bacon trophy. It's been a fantastic ride to watch him mature from the 16-year-old in Everett to the 24-year-old we saw before us tonight.

Were it not for the extension signed this past winter, Felix would be a lot more expensive to ink to a contract. That would be bad for the team's future.

Were it not for the extension signed this past winter, the trade rumors swirling around Felix right now would be insane. That would be really bad for us fans.

Take a moment tonight or over the next couple days and say thanks. Thanks to Jack Zduriencik for getting that extension done. Thanks for getting what the team's previous administration so blatantly failed to do. Thanks to the Mariners international scouting team in getting Felix signed. Thanks to all the minor league coaches and influences along the way.

Most of all, thanks to Felix Hernandez for being who he is and being where he is.