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Thoughts On A Picture

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  • This hardy Blue Jays fan has been on a Will Keep My Head Stuck In A Warning Track Alternate Dimension Portal Until The Jays Win The Series strike since 1997

  • Tremors 5: North Of The Border

  • Car keys are always in the last place you look

  • Let's say the value of a game-used foul ball is, I dunno, $20. Let's say the average medical bill following an accident during an attempted snare of this kind is $1000. Based on these numbers, then in order for such an attempt to be worthwhile, you need to be better than 98.04% sure you won't get hurt.

  • He wasn't ready for comb

  • Saunders: The ball's over here
    Man Upside Down: Dang it
    Women: What a maroon!
    Man With Beer: trucks

  • The world is littered with secret entries to the underground hideout of Perry the Platypus

  • How many innocent bystanders have to be decapitated before Major League Baseball does something about maple bats?