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This Is A Changeup

Baker's game story:

How foolish did Hernandez make opposing hitters look? Very.

He struck out Elvis Andrus on a 93 mph changeup in the sixth. Yeah, I know. Who throws a changeup that hard? Is it even effective as a change-up. M's catcher Adam Moore said it was and that the pitch had a foot of movement on it. But it didn't break like a typical two-seam fastball. It just moved side to side in weird fashion.

PITCHfx confirms the velocity as 92.7mph. The average Major League fastball is about 91.3. The average Major League changeup is about 82.5. Felix is a king, and he's not one of those sissy benevolent ones. Felix is the kind of king that fills the lower floor of his palace with spiders, and when visitors come he makes them take their shoes off. Suck it, plebes.

[Be you warned, for here there be .gif(s)]