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9/17: Open Rainiers Game 3 Thread

The Rainiers took care of business in Game 2 with a power display, and now, this is it. Should they fail, tomorrow will be it. Should they fail again, then Sunday will be it. Really it. Sunday would be the most it. With luck, the series will not come down to a decisive Game 5, because that would be too much it.

Taking the hill tonight for the good guys: Yusmeiro Petit, who isn't PJ Walters. Taking the hill tonight for the bad guys: PJ Walters, who is PJ Walters. On a scale from Is PJ Walters to Isn't PJ Walters, Petit therefore has a clear advantage, and hopefully he's able to build off that and have a strong outing. We don't need this to come down to the next guy in the rotation. I don't know who the next guy in the rotation is, but this is PCL baseball in the middle of September, so he probably isn't very good.

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