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And Now A Sunday SoftbaLL Reminder Too

This may have gotten buried by the spate of recent posts, but as we always do, we're arranging a softball game the day after the event.

-Here's the original post

-Here's the sign-up sheet

That's Sunday, September 5th. I'd say a good time to show up is between 11:30-12. Now there's the matter of where to show up. Matthew suggested some fields in and around Capitol Hill, but hot sexy reader Travis Young did some investigating and was told that the only softball fields available to be reserved this weekend are these, in Greenlake. Would that work for people? I have no idea what demand will be like this weekend. My sense for this shit is terrible. A couple months ago I made reservations for Ms. Jeff and I to eat at a really nice restaurant in Bend, and we were the only people there. So are you okay with playing it safe, or would you rather take a chance on what might be a more convenient location somewhere else?

I should also note that the forecast calls for a chance of showers on Sunday. We'll play through, unless it's too miserable, in which case I'll pussy out and re-schedule.