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How Do Hitters Fare Against Really Fast Fastballs? A Follow-Up

I wasn't satisfied just comparing pitches over 100mph to pitches between 90-92, so I broke things down into something of a continuum. The results:

Pitch Speed Contact% Foul/swing%
90-92 84.9 40.1
92-94 83.5 42.3
94-96 81.8 43.6
96-98 81.5 44.5
98-100 74.2 43.5
100+ 76.0 46.4

Once you get into the upper 90s and triple-digit range, you start dealing with sample size concerns, along with concerns over the matter that there are only a few guys who can throw that hard, potentially biasing the numbers. But what's abundantly clear - and what comes as little surprise - is that the harder a guy throws, the harder it is to square him up.

It's interesting to note the contact drop between 96-98 and 98-100, since we're still dealing with samples in the thousands.