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The Chone Figgins/Mets Rumor

Update: nothing doing here - the Mets are just making internal moves. I think Figgins could still get dealt, but he won't get dealt in this.


This has Twitter all abuzz at the moment:

A pair of New York Mets prospects was scratched from the starting lineup 10 minutes before Friday's Triple-A Buffalo game, signaling a trade might be brewing involving the major league club.

Two sources -- one with ties to the organization, one formerly with the organization -- indicated the Seattle Mariners are the team involved in dialogue with the Mets.

Good job on the author's part for not falling into the "a pair...were" trap that claims so many victims.

Anyway, the logical conclusion would be that the two teams are working on a mutual dump of Chone Figgins and Luis Castillo. That's certainly the popular rumor for the time being. And while it's two in the morning and I'm not going to analyze anything since we don't have many details and this is all still in the complete rumor stage, I will say this - if the Mariners move Figgins this month, I will not be surprised. They've already tried to move him before, and it's for that reason that I think there could be something to this.

Stay tuned. A lot could change about this team awful fast. Or, alternatively, nothing could change, at all, ever.