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Series Preview: Kansas City Royals @ Seattle Mariners

Seattle: 40-69
Kansas City: 46-62

-129.2 (30th) 1.7 -17.7 (22nd) Kansas City
FIELDING (UZR) 14.2 (10th) 0.0 -10.3 (20th) Seattle
1.8 (17th) -4.5 -52.1 (28th) Seattle
-26.4 (29th) 0.0 -30.1 (28th) Kansas City
-139.6 (28th) -2.6 -110.2 (26th) KANSAS CITY

Oh, hello there. What's up? A series preview? Is it that time again already? It is huh. Well, I suppose. No no, it's fine. I got it. It's just... you know sometimes you just want to take a break from chronicling how bad this team is over and over again. I remember even in May and early June I could sustain myself with the thinking about how it will be nice to watch them regress positively.

And I got through late June and July with the World Cup distraction and trips to Portland and LA. Now it's August and our team is legitimately pretty awful and there's over 50 games left to go and I just want it to stop for a few weeks so I can mentally prepare myself. We got thrown into a marathon of suck without adequate preparation and right when it feels like it should be over soon we pass the 17-mile marker. We're momentarily proud of that, - 17 miles is a long run. But oh god that means there's still nine more miles to go!

Fri Aug 06, 17:10: Luke French* vs. Zack Greinke

Sat Aug 07, 17:10: David Pauley vs. Bruce Chen*

Sun Aug 08, 13:10: Jason Vargas* vs. Brian Bannister

In the late 80s and early 90s as the Soviet Union was crumbling under the weight of years of economic neglect, the coal miners perhaps had it the worst off. Notably in the far eastern provinces and areas such as Sakhalin, the mining infrastructure were so poor that it would take workers upwards of two hours to get through the tunnels from topside to the actual coal to be mined.

They weren't paid for that time, as it was considered a commute. Some workers crawled and shimmied for two hours each way through rocks likely to someday collapse and crush them all for the privilege of being able to inhale large amounts of coal dust, commute another two hours and then go home to almost nothing.

Compared to that, the Mariners aren't so bad I guess.

This is a depressing preview. I apologize and will now attempt to mitigate those feelings with pictures of baby animals. Always end with a high note.

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