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Seattle Mariners 2011 Amateur Draft Position Update

Since this seems to be all some people can talk about these days, let's take a look at the current standings:

  1. Baltimore
  2. Pittsburgh (3 games back)
  3. Seattle (4.5)
  4. Arizona (5.5)
  5. Cleveland (10.5)
  6. Kansas City (11)

People have fallen in love with the idea of the M's being so bad they end up picking first, but right now, that's looking pretty unlikely. However, it's also looking pretty unlikely that they fall out of the top four, as they currently have a six-game gap between themselves and the Indians. Six games is a lot of ground to concede over two months, especially when your bullpen has Jamey Wright in it.

This is not an invitation to talk about the draft and mention that you're rooting for losses now in every single thread. This is also not an invitation to keep talking about Anthony Rendon. I assure you, there are few things more annoying than fantasizing about specific draft candidates more than ten months before the draft takes place. Shut up. Just shut up.

This is simply an observation that the M's are sitting in a pretty good place when it comes to getting set for next year's draft. Even if they don't end up going first, odds are they'll go in the top four, and the class is supposedly deep. Whatever that means.