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Today's Fun Fact(s)

People have a lot of complaints about hockey, but foremost among them, I think, is the perceived lack of action. There's too much play in the middle, too much play in the corners, and not enough goal-scoring to keep the casual observer entertained. As is the case with soccer, there are generally enough goals to keep the average hockey fan satisfied, but it becomes more of a hindrance when it comes to drawing new people in.

So it's with that in mind that I'd like like to showcase the following comparison, as inspired by @jimguelda:

09/10 Washington Capitals: 3.88 goals/game

09/10 Vancouver Canucks: 3.32 goals/game

09/10 Chicago Blackhawks: 3.30 goals/game

2010 Seattle Mariners: 3.24 runs/game

09/10 San Jose Sharks: 3.22 goals/game

Three teams in the NHL last season - and very nearly four - scored more often than this year's Seattle Mariners to date.

Additionally, Franklin Gutierrez is on pace to lead the team with 67 RBI come year's end. 39 hockey players finished last season with at least 67 points, including two defensemen and a second-liner for the Canucks.

2010 Seattle Mariners: worse than a hockey offense. Worse than three hockey offenses.