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Sunday SoftbaLL

As is tradition, we're going to put together a softball game the day after the front office event. Matthew has already put up a fanpost, but now shit's getting real.

WHAT: A friendly or heated game(s) of softball

WHEN: Sunday, September 5th, around midday

WHERE: This is where we need you guys to come through. I don't live in Seattle, so I'm no good when it comes to finding a field. If someone could find and maybe reserve us a spot, that'd be super.

Rather than posting your status in the comment thread, do me a favor and use this sign-up list, just to make things simple. There are columns for people definitely playing, people maybe playing, and spectators. If you can't play, and/or are otherwise occupied, shut up, I don't care, you are useless clutter. I will never understand why so many people find it necessary to respond to event posts with declarations that they cannot attend.

By the way, we'll also need some bats and balls. Do all the work!