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And the Winner is 0

Before the season began I ran this poll. Congratulations to the 12 of you out there that selected 0 innings because with today's news that is the reality. Erik Bedard will undergo another surgical procedure on his shoulder this Friday.

Is there much to add at this point? We saw this coming even before the set backs. What is heartbreaking about this to me is just how close he came. It would have been one thing if it never rehabbed well and he languished in Arizona until needing another surgery or being shut down. But to make it all the way to a rehab start in Tacoma and an expected start date in Seattle? That's brutal not just for those of us still fans of his but I am sure for Erik as well.

I didn't have much faith in him pitching for the Mariners this season after that particular setback, but I was hoping that he would not need another surgery. For our sakes, the words "Erik Bedard" and "time line" should never again appears within the same sentence.

Godspeed, Erik.