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Series Preview: Texas Rangers @ Seattle Mariners

Seattle: 39-67
Texas: 61-44

-130.9 (30th) -8.7 16.7 (11th) Texas
FIELDING (UZR) 14.2 (10th) 0.0 22.1 (7th) Texas
6.3 (17th) 0.3 22.1 (8th) Texas
-26.4 (27th) -0.3 22.6 (7th) Texas
-136.8 (28th) -8.7 83.5 (4th) TEXAS


Series Preview! We're bad, they're good. What more do you need? A chart? Oh, I provided that for you too!

Tue Jul 30, 17:10: Jason Vargas* vs. Colby Lewis

Wed Jul 31, 17:10: Doug Fister vs. C.J. Wilson*

Thu Aug 01, 17:10: Felix Hernandez vs. Tommy Hunter

I went to the Rainiers game last night and even though it turned into a 2010-vintage Mariners game (is it me? Do I just bring this upon teams I follow this year?) it was the most interesting I have found a game in months. Michael Pineda, Dustin Ackley, Justin Smoak, Greg Halman, Mike Wilson, Matt Mangini, Shawn Kelley and, well that's probably it. Still, it was a group of people that represent a significant amount of immediate future potential for the big league team and it was a group of people that by and large I had not yet seen suck and disappoint me. It was a nice refresher.

Also, Cheney Stadium is less offensive than Safeco's constant in-your-face family friendliness.

The result being that I didn't get back home until late last night and now I'm staring that Mariners in the face again and frankly just have nothing to say. I guess this slate of three pitchers are worth watching since we're hoping that Felix can remain an ace and that Fister and Vargas can become reliable back-end starters, which are hard to find. That's the best I can do right now.