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Dear Adam Moore: There Is A Left Field

Adam Moore's 2009 spray chart between West Tennessee and Tacoma, via MinorLeagueSplits:


Adam Moore's 2010 spray chart with Seattle, via TexasLeaguers:


We've seen Moore hit a lot of balls hard the other way, and that's great. It's important for a righty to be able to go to right field. But Moore isn't Bret Boone. He isn't strong enough to make a living by peppering the right field bleachers. He needs to be able to pull the ball in the air if he wants to produce, and while he's shown some limited ability to do that in the minors, he hasn't done it in the bigs. He's been behind on a lot of pitches, and no hitter ever wants to be behind on anything.

It's also worth noting that the bulk of Moore's power appears to be to left-center field. This as opposed to, say, Jose Lopez, whose power is to straightaway left down the line. Safeco's left-center power alley is a complete and utter graveyard, so don't be surprised to see Moore have trouble hitting well at home, even if and when he starts hitting in other places.