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49-73, Three Quick Game Notes

  • King Felix over his last three starts: 337 pitches, 48 swinging strikes. I only got to see a little of him tonight, and I missed however he looked early on, but I had the TV on for the middle innings when he struck out Robinson Cano, Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson, and Francisco Cervelli in a row. Also had it on when he escaped a bases-loaded situation by whiffing Ramiro Pena and an actual Major League hitter in Brett Gardner, which is impressive given that Gardner makes contact with everything when he swings. Felix definitely conveys the idea that he can strike a guy out whenever he wants. I wonder if that doesn't in some way contribute to the frustration people feel when he gives up a couple runs. "Why didn't you want to strike them out, Felix?"

    Some players get shit for not being good. Some players get shit for not being great. You know you've arrived as a superstar when you sometimes get shit for not being perfect.

  • Thanks in large part to Russell Branyan and Matt Tuiasosopo, the Mariners have hit ten home runs in their last six games. They're now on pace to hit 102 on the year, which is their highest pace since July 24th. I don't know if home run paces are susceptible to the vagaries of momentum, but this pace has all sorts of momentum right now. It can't be stopped! The ice is tilted! This home run pace is running downhill!

  • Watching some of the game on FSN, the broadcast was picking up an unusual background noise. Rather than the normal crowd chatter, there was this constant dull, haunting roar, like radio static with the volume down. The Yankee Stadium ghosts aren't gone; they're just stuck in the microphones.