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Hot Sexy USSM(/LL) September 4th Event Reminder

Hey there. Remember this announcement? Of course you do. You're no moron. Safeco Field, batting practice, chatting, t-shirt, maybe a fleece - lots of cool stuff, for the low low price of eight pounds of Black Forest gummy bears. With prices that low, you can't afford not to attend!

But anyway, in case you needed some additional push to get out the door and spend part of your holiday weekend with other people who are willing to spend part of their holiday weekend with you, we have since been able to confirm that Jack Zduriencik will be one of the front office guests. There is a remote possibility that something could come up that will take him away, since his responsibilities to us do not yet supersede his responsibilities to the organization, but as of now, you can plan on Jack being there, fielding all the Brandon Morrow questions you can ask him. If we surround him and threaten not to let him by, we might even be able to get him to say some nasty things about current and former players!*

Attend. I know it's a holiday weekend. I know it overlaps with Bumbershoot. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros aren't going away any time soon, and Bob Dylan's only 69 years old. He has plenty of living yet to do.

* please do not surround and threaten our general manager