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Those Poor, Poor New York Yankees

Rosenthal, now:

#Yankees livid with #Mariners. Believed they had deal, then M's took it to #Rangers saying put Smoak in and Lee is yours... #MLB
jumped. Adams' ankle injury was excuse for M's to back out. "You just don't do business that way," one Yankee official said. #MLB


Yankees sign David Wells
The team formally announced the signing of left-hander David Wells to a $7 million, two-year contract.
Diamondbacks owner Jerry Colangelo, who had a handshake agreement with Wells three weeks ago, called the pitcher's explanation for backing out "wishy-washy."

Business is business, and nothing's ever done until there's ink down on paper. Deal with it.

I'm just so dreadfully sorry that you have to live with Javier Vazquez as your #5 starter. Life isn't fair.