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Okay Here's Your Stupid Annoying Cliff Lee Speculation Thread

Update: Exciting new twist!

#Mariners have turned in a different direction and #Yankees do not believe they are in it now (more to come)

To repeat the #Yankees aren't getting Cliff Lee, #Mariners concerned about David Adams ankle plus apparently another team has jumped in hard



I missed this, but I hate this.

All indications, right now, are that Lee's going to New York in exchange for Jesus Montero, probably David Adams, and a third guy. I don't know when anything is going to be completed, but if Z's sitting on that kind of offer from the Yankees, it would only make sense for him to get in contact with the other interested parties to give them one last shot at upping their proposals. By the sounds of things, New York wants to get something done before tonight's game, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say oh god yes

Jason Churchill is running frequent updates over at Prospect Insider. Say what you will about Churchill's rumor track record, but he nailed the first Cliff Lee deal from the start, and he's not a guy you should just ignore on principle. He's not making stuff up.

When I went to bed yesterday, I was planning to wake up and write a post about tonight being Lee's final start in Seattle. I guess that probably won't be happening, which sucks. On the other hand, the end of one era could signal the start of another, as Michael Pineda is supposed to throw for Tacoma today and the M's would need a replacement. It's something to look forward to. As long as there's always something to look forward to, I think we'll be all right.