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The Mariners Without May

Under Jack Zduriencik and Co, here are the month-by-month records for the Mariners

April, 2009: 13-9
May, 2009: 11-18
June, 2009: 15-10
July, 2009: 14-13
August, 2009: 15-14
Sept/Oct, 2009: 17-13
April, 2010: 11-12
May, 2010: 8-19
June, 2010: 14-13

Aside from the two Mays, only April of this year was a below .500 month and just barely. Even separating September and October of last season leaves both months above .500. How then would the Mariners have looked if we could just erase May from the calendar, or perhaps replace it with some earlier month like Smarch during which no baseball is played?


2009 AL West Standings, No May Edition
Angels 81-53
Mariners 74-59
Rangers 67-66
Athletics 64-69


2010 AL West Standings, No May Edition
Rangers 34-22
Angels 32-25
Mariners 26-30
Athletics 25-32


Obviously, this doesn't mean anything. Frankly I went into investigating this with the thought that the 2009 team would come out as division champs, but alas the Angels had a mediocre May, too. The 2010 standings would also look a lot closer if this July had yet to happen.

Still, not last! In this completely hypothetical and meaningless view, not last!