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Mariners Signed Mark Worrell

A.K.A. the crappy Worrell, Mark was a Cardinal traded with Luke Gregerson to the Padres for Khalil Greene. Gregerson became a dynamo with 51 strikeouts, six walks and one of baseball's best swinging strike rates to go along with an usually non-fly ball heavy batted ball profile.

Khalil Greene went on to become even more Khalil Greene and Mark Worrell underwent Tommy John surgery. Prior to the surgery, Worrell has struck out 80 Triple-A hitters in 58 innings which if you're curious is good.

The strikeouts and the walks both dropped in 2010 as Worrell has worked his way back but an abysmal strand rate left his RA close to double digits and perhaps contributed to him being available for Zduriencik to poach.

Worrell, 27, is already with Tacoma's bullpen. If he regains his pre-Tommy John 2008 form, he makes for a nice cheap bullpen addition. The sort of depth moves the team needs to be making for when having a good bullpen will matter.