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Series Preview: Kansas City Royals @ Seattle Mariners

Seattle: 34-47
Kansas City: 36-46

-77.9 0.2 -1.4 Kansas City
FIELDING (UZR) 16.4 0.0 -9.3 Seattle
4.7 2.0 -20.8 Seattle
-16.4 -2.0 -20.7 Seattle
-73.2 0.2 -52.2 KANSAS CITY


Just a quick preview today given the rash of other news, my preoccupation with other activities and the rapidly approaching start time. I guess it would be nice to sweep this series, being the Royals and all, but frankly I am more concerned with individual performances at this point. I want to see Chone Figgins have more performances like last night. I want to see Michael Saunders draw more walks. I want to see something, anything, out of Jose Lopez. I want to see Cliff Lee.

Mon Jul 05, 17:10: Felix Hernandez vs. Brian Bannister

Tue Jul 06, 17:10: Ryan Rowland-Smith* vs. Zack Greinke

Wed Jul 07, 17:10: Doug Fister(?) vs. Kyle Davies

At some point, Erik Bedard will actually make his return. No, really. At least I think he will. Of course, bringing Bedard back means somebody has to go. The easy choice is that Bedard tandem starts with Ryan Rowland-Smith, whose rotation slot he's taking, and David Pauley heads back to Tacoma. Another choice is that everything stays intact and Cliff Lee gets traded. That's the bad choice. Don't make that choice, Jack. Don't you do it!