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Mariners Replace Underachieving Players With Bad Players

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Jim Street:

The Mariners have sent 1B Justin Smoak to Triple-A Tacoma, put Milton Bradley on the 15-day DL and promoted Tui and Sean White from Tacoma

Smoak has one walk and 23 strikeouts since coming over from Texas after posting 38/57 before, so something's clearly wrong, be it that he's pressing or having difficulty adjusting to the new environment or what have you. It's worth noting that he only has 69 games of AAA experience and 135 games of minor league experience overall, so while he's a terrific young prospect, it's possible that he was rushed a little bit. He'll go to Tacoma and try to re-gain some confidence, and he'll be back in a month, if not sooner. This could end up having some neat side effects on Smoak's future salary.

I didn't even realize Bradley was hurt, but, of course Bradley is hurt.

Tui and Sean White are Tui and Sean White. One of them knows how to generate walks, and one of them knows how to generate strikeouts, and in both cases it's the wrong guy.