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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Minnesota Twins

Seattle: 39-64
Minnesota: 56-46

-122.2 (30th) -7.0 55.8 (2nd) Minnesota
FIELDING (UZR) 14.2 (10th) 0.0 22.7 (6th) Minnesota
6.0 (14th) -9.2 41.0 (4th) Minnesota
-26.1 (29th) -4.7 23.6 (4th) Minnesota
-128.1 (28th) -20.9 143.1 (1st) MINNESOTA


Chicago's drive for the playoffs also gets easier this week as they play the Mariners four times.

Boy I'll say. Again...?

That was a whopping good sweep. In the joke of a home run park, the Mariners managed a single dinger over four games. Meanwhile the White Sox hit 11 over the wall. This was a series that afforded the Mariner offense a chance to make back some of the massive, massive losses they have accumulated. Instead, they acted just as helpless as ever. This team couldn't manage to move a ball down a frictionless slope.

By the way, based on the overall RAA rankings, the Mariners are now worse than the Astros.

Fri Jul 30, 17:10: Doug Fister vs. Scott Baker

Sat Jul 31, 17:10: Felix Hernandez vs. Kevin Slowey

Sun Aug 01, 14:10: Luke French* vs. Francisco Liriano*

Luke French takes over Ryan Rowland-Smith's slot. This will be French's second start of the year for Seattle and I have some medium hopes that it will exceed his first which lasted four innings with no strikeouts, two walks and a dinger.

Contrary to (ahem) some reports (cough), Fister has been solid over his recent stretch of starts. They haven't lasted long as 11 runs have scored over his 16.2 innings pitched during the past three starts, but over that span Fister has struck out 11 with a decent whiff rate, walked only three and kept the ball in the park. That's not sexy, but it is the kinds of starts that Fister will make a career out of if he can.

Felix was yucky in his last start. Don't be yucky, Felix. You are basically the only reason we have to watch this team.