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Rotational Black Holes

Does it seem like every winter we remind you that going from awful to average is just as valuable as going from average to good? That is probably because we do, because every winter the Mariners make that a relevant point to recall by having just through suffering some severely awful players. Even ignoring the offense and the bullpen, here's a rundown of our most harmful starting pitchers by year since 2003 with his tRA-based runs below average figure.

2003: Ryan Franklin, -22 runs
2004: Ryan Franklin, -25. Jamie Moyer, -22
2005: Gil Meche, -21. Aaron Sele, -18
2006: Joel Pineiro, -30
2007: Horacio Ramirez, -20
2008: Miguel Batista -31, Carlos Silva, -18
2009: Garrett Olson, -20
2010: Ryan Rowland-Smith, -30

One of these years, we'll actually get rid of those pesky black holes and that will go a long way to finally breaking through that 90-win barrier.