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Manny Acta Could Not Be More Wrong

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In a blowout between the Yankees and the Indians today, busted third base prospect Andy Marte threw the ninth inning for Cleveland. He set the Yankees down 1-2-3, and even struck out Nick Swisher swinging. What did manager Manny Acta have to say about the spectacle after the game?

"Some people may find it funny, but it’s not funny to me," Acta said. "I did it because we had to. I feel that looks like a mockery of the game. The people who pay their money don’t deserve to watch a position player pitch."

Let's get one thing straight, Manny - the people who pay their money don't deserve to watch a blowout. But the people who pay their money and get a blowout very much deserve to watch a position player pitch. I don't think it's an exaggeration on my part to say that seeing a position player pitch is literally the only thing that can make a blowout loss entertaining in an instant. Who do you think those Indians fans in attendance would've rather seen? An inning from third baseman Andy Marte, or a second inning from some guy named Jess Todd?

Blowouts aren't fun. Watching blowouts isn't fun. Even when you're winning. But when you're losing, it's just the absolute worst. They drag, and if you're me, you spend the whole game debating whether this'll be the first time in your life you leave a game early. If you stick around to watch the rest of a blowout, it's because, deep down, you hold some glimmer of hope that something will happen that will make it all worthwhile. And watching a position player pitch is one of the only things that can make it all worthwhile.

Shame on you, Manny Acta, for coming down on one of baseball's greatest occasions. Position players pitching is awesome. Hell, given your pitching staff's collective 1.5 K/BB, you might want to consider trying out a few more of your infielders. God knows they couldn't really do a lot worse.

(Be you warned, for here there be .gifs)