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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Chicago White Sox

Seattle: 39-60
Boston: 53-44

-115.2 (30th) -4.6 -25.5 (24th) Chicago
FIELDING (UZR) 14.2 (10th) -2.2 -16.4 (22nd) Seattle
15.2 (12th) -2.8 43.2 (2nd) Chicago
-21.4 (29th) 4.8 16.9 (7th) Chicago
-107.2 (26th) -4.8 18.2 (13th) CHICAGO


We split a four gamer with the Red Sox after throwing out our non-Felix rotation. We even had viable shots at winning the first two games. We could have swept the Red Sox with RRS, Vargas, Pauley and Fister. Baseball is immensely difficult to predict and people should really cut those who do their best some slack.

Mon Jul 26, 17:10: Felix Hernandez vs. John Danks*

Tue Jul 27, 17:10: Ryan Rowland-Smith* vs. Gavin Floyd

Wed Jul 28, 17:10: Jason Vargas* vs. Mark Buehrle

Thu Jul 29, 17:10: David Pauley vs. Freddy Garcia

The previews will be abbreviated this week as I am on the road. Also we just faced the White Sox so it's not like anyone's really new here. Chicago's drive for the playoffs got easier this week as Detroit is being decimated by key injuries. Chicago's drive for the playoffs also gets easier this week as they play the Mariners four times.

I do not know if or when it will be fixed, but as of this morning when I went to fill out the above expected starters the Mariners website listed Cliff Lee as the probable Wednesday starter. That was a nice Monday morning wake up.