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Dustin Ackley Promoted To Tacoma

Edit: bite me Matthew

Some fun offday news from our friends at ESPN Radio, home of the Brock and Salk show, who are soon moving to the 9am timeslot in case you weren't aware, which I don't think applies to anyone anymore since Salk has made it his personal mission to scream it from the mountaintops:

Mariners promote 3 players from AA West Tennessee to AAA Tacoma: INF Dustin Ackley, LHP Edward Paredes and RHP Anthony Varvaro

Paredes and Varvaro are interesting as strikeout-capable relievers who suffer through occasional bouts of wildness, but the real key here is Ackley, who, you'll remember, suffered through a miserable April before taking it up to 11. Since the beginning of May, Ackley has hit .304/.426/.439 with 42 walks and 27 strikeouts. It isn't a batting line that blows you away, but remember, this is Ackley's first year in professional ball, and he's also been dealing with a position switch. You shouldn't expect him to be a bottle rocket to superstardom. All the tools are there, and he's clearly had no problem at all controlling the plate. He'll be fine.

Interestingly, Ackley has amassed a groundball rate of 56% so far, with little deviation by month. Some big league bats with a lot of groundballs and a good idea of the strike zone: Denard Span, Derek Jeter, Casey Kotchman, Luis Castillo, and Elvis Andrus. People have thrown Chase Utley's name around a bunch of times as an Ackley comp, but Chase Utley hits the ball in the air. As is, Ackley can't be counted on to provide much in the way of power. Of course, this having been the first three months of his professional career, we'll see if these groundball tendencies stick, or if they go away as he becomes more comfortable and further adjusts to the wood bat.

Mike Curto may not have gotten Jesus Montero, but I'm sure he'll be thrilled to take this.