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Two Quick Things About How I'm Really Important

1) After liveblogging the Home Run Derby last night, I'm going to give it another go by liveblogging the All-Star Game today. You can find it over here, beginning shortly before the game, or shortly after it starts, or hell I don't know when. The upside is that I figured out liveblogging makes time fly by. The downside is that the game is going to be like at least twice as long as the derby so I might spend the final few updates trying to figure out how to .gif me killing myself.

2) Also during the game, I'll be participating in a chat with Adam Morris (Lone Star Ball), Will McDonald (Royals Review), Eric Stephen (True Blue LA), Sky Kalkman (BtB), and Eric Simon (Amazin' Avenue). What's curious about this chat is that it isn't live, and the transcript will be posted tomorrow, long after anyone's stopped caring about the All-Star Game. What isn't curious is that I agreed to do it, since we're all chatting on awesome new Blackberries and they're paying us a little. I will literally do anything for money. I think I got in the wrong business.

How I manage to balance a live chat with a liveblog, of course, is anyone's guess, including my own. I sit here before you, terrified. If I can pull it off, though, I think that pretty clearly makes me the greatest anything blogger of all time.