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Tommy Everidge Is Gone

Whoops. In this post, I add more detail to Matthew's fanshot!

Off to Houston, according to Mike Curto. There's no word yet on the return, but given that this is the Astros, we're probably best off not getting anyone.

At one point, people liked Tommy Everidge and entertained the possibility of his serving as part of a first base platoon. Then he went and hit .229 as Tacoma's DH, thus demonstrating an inability to do either part of what people had been considering. Disappointed, the Mariners accordingly delivered today's stern punishment. Bad Tommy, bad.

Everidge will presumably report to AAA Round Rock, where he'll join other former Mariner farmhands Chris Shelton, Oswaldo Navarro, and Michael Garciaparra in the infield. For good measure, Roy Corcoran and Andy Van Hekken are on the pitching staff. I didn't think there was any worse strategy than Kansas City collecting bad ex-Mariners. Then I looked at the Round Rock Express.

As far as the Rainiers are concerned, this has to be considered good news for Brad Nelson, who people will no longer confuse with the other one.