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A Carlos Silva Question

After today, Carlos Silva's K% stands at a career-best 17.5%, his BB% stands at a right-on-career-average 4.3%, and his GB% stands at a right-on-career-average 48.0%.

Silva actually has a higher K% than Brandon League - 17.5% versus 15.4%.

His contact rate of 82.8% is, by far, the best it's ever been as a starter.

The NL switch helps, of course, but this is pretty much all happening because Silva has dropped his fastball usage from a steady ~75% all the way down to 56%. He's throwing way more sliders and changeups, and batters are having way more trouble hitting them. And he's sacrificed nothing in the way of strikes or groundballs.

Carlos Silva is 31 years old. How did he go this long without somebody telling him, "hey, if you didn't throw your sinker so much, you might do better"?