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So Long, Alan Cockrell

This'll make a difference. Gone is the guy with two hits in eight Major League at bats. Up is Alonzo Powell, who had 32 hits in 152 Major League at bats. That's 16 times more hits, meaning Powell should do 16 times as much nothing.

Clearly, this team is rife with offensive disappointments. The only player - the only player - who's performed up to expectations has been Franklin Gutierrez. Every single other player has sucked, and guys like Chone Figgins and Milton Bradley have had a world of trouble even making contact. There's something wrong with us. But to take it out on the hitting coach...many of these guys are these are veterans. Veterans who've been hitting for a while. Me, I've never played in the Major Leagues, but I find it hard to believe that Alan Cockrell is the reason why Chone Figgins is still hitting .200. Maybe the organization lacked confidence in Cockrell's ability to turn these guys' seasons around, and that's fine, but is Alonzo Powell going to be much better? If so, explain how.

I guess I just don't like it when coaches pay the price for the players' failure. I know the team can't just up and cut Figgins or Lopez for underperforming, but you could at least, I dunno, tape them to a tree for a while or something. Better than taking away a guy's job when he probably has less to do with this slump than anyone.

Do you think they asked Junior if he wanted the job? Do you think they thought about it?