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Oakland's Duchscherer Out for 2010

When I was growing up, but past the 'I want to be a cowboy astronaut' phase*, I really wanted to be a fighter pilot in the Navy. There was nothing that I found more interesting than planes and the military had the coolest ones. Also, carriers; because landing on stable ground is for wimps.

*In terms of realistic dreams. I still want to be a cowboy astronaut. Who wouldn't?

Alas, it was never to be. I was not born with the gift of good eyesight. In fact, I was born with what would end up being pretty awful eyesight. While I could, and have, had that corrected it represented a no go for naval aviation. I could try all I wanted, but my body just was not up to the task.

Justin Duchscherer must feel some of that same psychic pain. He also feels actual physical pain. In his hip again, but this time on the other side. Try as Justin Duchscherer might, his body seems unable to cope with the rigors of being a Major League starter. He will have a surgery on his hip identical to the one he has had before and miss the remainder of 2010.

At least he got to touch his (supposed) dream though. He is the Vincent Freeman to my Jerome Morrow.