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To Brighten Your Friday

Time to do this again. There's no better freude than schadenfreude.

  • Adam Jones has a .679 OPS and a career line of .267/.311/.415. He appears to be an ~average defensive center fielder.
  • Jeff Clement has a .600 OPS and a career line of .228/.291/.377. He is a first baseman.
  • Wladimir Balentien has a .731 OPS, in AAA Louisville. His career line in the bigs is .221/.281/.374.
  • Jones, Clement, and Wlad have combined for a Major League BB/K of 138:527.
  • Brandon Wood - Baseball America's #3 overall prospect in 2006 and #8 overall prospect in 2007 - posted a .435 OPS in April and a .312 OPS in May before getting DL'd with a 'hip flexor strain.' Says the LA Times' Mike DiGiovanna: "How convenient." Wood is out of options and this was the only path the Angels could take to make Wood go away without losing him. 
  • Nelson Cruz continues to fight the hamstring problem that's plagued him since camp.
  • The Mariners have a combined OPS+ and ERA+ of 192. The Angels have a combined OPS+ and ERA+ of 183.
  • The Milton Bradley-less Cubs are on pace to finish five and a half games lower than they did a year ago.
  • John Lackey - in the first year of a $82.5m/5yr contract - has pitched like an absolute pile of crap, while Josh Beckett - whose $68m/4yr extension has yet to begin - has been both mediocre and injured.
  • Among 16 A's with at least 20 plate appearances on the year, the highest OPS belongs to Daric Barton, at .793.
  • Including baserunning, Raul Ibanez has a WAR of 0.